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zodiac capricorn

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Busyness and work problems make you tired and so sensitive. Affect how you communicate with the people closest to you. The good news this week coming up, so you better just be patient. If you hoped for did not come together with the desire, try to examine what is. Far more important unmet needs or desires for a moment? You may hope, but hope is too large well will actually hurt you. Especially if even later can not be met, the disappointment you will have the whole thing in your life. So, be realistic.

You have to struggle to maintain a relationship with him. Soften yourself and your ego. Let's see again what the problem is going on between you and him. Communication actually be the solution for you. If the communication is smooth and both goal-directed, then everything will be fine. It takes a change of both parties. Not just you or him alone. For that needs to talk more and serious about relationships.

Career and Finance
Any issue not to affect your work. If you are unable to focus and concentrate on the job results will be poor and your boss would not be satisfied with the results of this work. Be careful in speaking and storytelling, not everyone around you can be trusted. You will need Leih focus on the things that you currently feel less. Keep looking for info and input from others so that your work is much better.



The capricorn is very firm. Goats are always willing to reach and seek something. They have a strong desire and used to achieve a sense of security. They are very steady in taking steps like a mountain goat. Work capacity and confidence is huge. They are fully aware and rarely ask for help from others. They like to do things themselves. They like to be a slave for themselves and other people do not believe in doing its job. His personality is very sensitive and desperately needs the respect of others.
Capricorn has the stability to achieve the goal. Never give up until the death. Ability in terms of planning, combined with the strength, stamina and strong work ethic has always brought them into a winner. Her attitude makes it easier to get support persuasive than others. Sagittarius including materialist, but did not like the excessive life.

Romance the Capricorn: Tend sexy and steadfast in love and relationships. They did not receive an answer. So, if you're the target of her love, be careful. They will drag you kehadapannya with strength and charm. Love is a need for this sign and once they get it, they will treat it like a treasure. Capricorns are very loyal as long as their partner is always willing to help.

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